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My 6 year old son was dealing with congestion and fluid in both his ears since last year.  In two visits with the audiologist and ENT in the new year, they found the fluid was affecting his hearing and recommended tubes in his ears, again.  This would be his third set of tubes.  I was reluctant to put him through the surgery yet again even though it is a very common procedure.  After speaking to an acquaintance about my worries, she told me about Jasmine.  She mentioned her daugther had fluid in her ears and Jasmine was able to clear it with osteopathy treatments.  I did a little more research on osteopathy and decided that it was worth a shot to see if the treatments could drain my son’s ears.  My son was assessed and treated by Jasmine two times before our scheduled follow up with the ENT to assess the need for surgery.  Along with osteopathy treatments, we modified his diet as suggested byJasmine.  In our follow up with the audiologist and ENT, they found absolutely NO FLUID in both years and his hearing returned to his baseline! As well,  my son was not dealing with congestion.  The doctor cancelled surgery scheduled for the following month.  I am so thankful to Jasmine and the other services she referred us to.  We will continue to bring my son to her for further treatments and maintenance.  She is so good with my 6 year old too – she makes him laugh!

About Jasmine Sadler

Jasmine Sadler is a Registered Massage Therapist who graduated in 2007 with honors from The Canadian Therapeutic College. She spent the next five years completing her osteopathic program from The Canadian College of Osteopathy in Toronto and is currently writing her thesis. She is also completing her Bachelor of Science of Osteopathy from the University of London England. Although Jasmine treats everyone in her clinic from newborns to professional athletes to the elderly, she specializes in treating infants, autistic children, and pregnant woman, infertility and concussion victims. Read More

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